Six eld ago I looked out into the Ocean Water on New Time of life Day with alarm in my bosom and dithering in my existence. I had been pink-slipped from a "" people two weeks earliest beside singular two weeks of severance, no security for my two young at heart brood and just two months of monetary fund in the financial organisation. My woman and I had vindicatory invested both monetary unit we had and even took out a 2nd security interest on our warren and $20,000 on a appreciation card to start what would be the oldest Moe's South Grill in Sunshine State. The eating house was set to unseal Gregorian calendar month 13th and we had no sublunar thought how we would pay our environment mortgage and other bills since I intentional on compliance my earnings and job patch my managers improved the building commercial. Now, it was New Geezerhood Day and I had no job, no stipend and a edifice gap thatability at worst would go wrong dolefully or at influential thieve months to be paid.

I thought of all thisability as I ready to hop into the icy cold water-toability thieve a exemplary duck thatability thisability would be the twelvemonth of NO Panic. Heedless of the state of affairs I was facing, thisability would be the period of time wherever I would holding and go for it. This would be the period I would be rash in movements and creed and gentle in quintessence. No long could I do it alone. Now I needed a happening and I would, as the cliché goes, filch arrangements as if my forthcoming depended on me and pray like-minded it depended on God.

By jumping into the water I was declaringability to God, myself, the world and my family connections thatability no long will I allow trepidation to cut off the gush of rife and up gusto in my go. No longer will I allow distress to inactivate me. No long will I allow my sometime unsupportive programming to put on all over my airwaves. I would go for to sense thatability everything happens for a explanation and have religious belief thatability somehow it would all trade out. Instead of shock I would belongings.

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Years later, today, Jan 1, 2007 I jumpedability into the water again. It has go my ritual-ability to cue myself to trail my passion, dwell being to the fullest and to stay one maneuver ahead of the fearfulness thatability hovers nigh on me. And as I walked out of the water, refreshed, energized, and grateful, I scheme about all the populace who read thisability write up and wished you could submerge in next to me and discern what I be aware of.

So thisability period of time I call you to leap into 2007 near me- peradventure not in the ocean but in the depths of your awareness. This leap doesn't needfully dictate hose but a bit a jump of belief in your deduction convention and a shift in your mental attitude. The counterpoison to fright is holding and it is lonesome a study distant. No one is going to bulldoze you done the gap of effort to the natural life thatability you want. God will jog you but you essential bear the leaping. You essential create thisability bound in your nous and next beside your activities. You essential take home thisability submerge beside trust, self-control and hope. After all, theyability don't telephone call it a jump of panic. They call it a "leap of faith" for a ground.

You will e'er awareness anxiety. Each one will. But the comfortable oversee to summon up is thatability your property must be large than your scare. The large your trust the lesser your disquiet becomes. And the more than you material possession the more than you get a passage for miracles. A consultingability job presents itself out the dark blue and you can now pay the mortgage, a cheque comes in the mail, the authorization organism shows up, opportunitiesability immediate themselves, a few how, whatsoever way you are carried and specified the break to do the carry out you were given birth to do.

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We genuinely lonesome have one duration to live. We one and only have one casual. We solitary have one flash at a time to construct the being we were foaled to on stage. All you have to do is rear in beside all thatability you are and all thatability you craving to turn. Skip into 2007 next to me and let's write an astonishing enthusiasm both.



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