In mitology and old philosophia, temper consists of cardinal basic elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Allthough, B.C. philosophia is specious today, one of our enthusiasm sources is "Earth" that humankind grub it's products everyday, is more than high-status not only for World but besides for Turkey today. The new economic, geographical and civic conditions transfer the distrubition of population finished Turkey, thence a new fault becomes to exterior which is called colonization from villiage to urban areas can be copied to these 3 kind of problems: Economical, Social and Local.

The archetypal end in of motion can be explained beneath Economic complications nickname. It is legendary that, a villiager can realise jewels by minor way but roughly by agriculture. Villiager has galore teething troubles give or take a few commercial enterprise today. One of this problems is scope of business enterprise areas they have. According to informations interpreted from Turkey Government Statistic Institute, nigh common fraction of factory farm areas in Turkey is, minor than 0.1 hectar, 19% of areas measures relating 0.1 and 0.2 hectar, 32% of areas measures 0.2 and 0.5 hectar and virtually simple fraction of this areas' immensity is relating 0.5 and 0.9 hectar (Zaman , 2003). Dr. Karaata says, "According to researches, a villiager nearest and dearest needs 10 hectars province in Turkey's system conditions, so 85% of our factory farm areas is not decent to protract a villiager house." (Zaman, 2003) Moreover, mechanication in business is a core conundrum for villiagers and an significant rational motive for motion. Technology and agriculture machines mature simultaneously, in so doing unemployement in villiages magnified. As a result, because of crackers industrilization, urban areas has change state more magnetic for villiagers. This is enough to be a aim for move to practise as a drone at business enterprise zones.

Another produce of move can be summarised by two words: Social Problems. Generally, Turkish villiages have own traditions and furthermost of this traditions isolate family, particularly women from external. With TV channels, this isolations are finished. Family members labour until evening, after activity come up to house, patch uptake a soup, get underway the TV. Scenery is: A cocktail, men and women drinks wine, they converse give or take a few problemless vivacity. Women are more escaped than villiager women. Erman says that, female who plant eighter at grow or at domicile and lives at her husband's home, controlled by her family unit requirements to be more than support in big cities. She is longing for to be a urban resident and barrack his husband in this way("Köyden Kente Göç, Yoksulluk ve Kadın", 2001, gestation. 1). Moreover TV shows better off lives and villiager men realises that he can't be more loaded than a sodbuster and big ideals variety the urban more than pretty. TV based attractive force of town beingness proceed move beside violent upshot of climb of people all together with unemployement.

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The closing occurrence that causes to colonization is around provincial worries which are not generic for all move happenings over Turkey. Terrorism is furthermost identified archetype for this subject matter. Terrorism is a conundrum not merely for Eastern Turkey but besides for all of Turkish folks but, it is a disease for eastward villiages's residents. Until Apo, who is the person of divisive violent organization PKK has been caught by Turkish Officers, PKK was the most useful fault for East and Southeast Anatolia. It is expressed that fright quirk menaces people's energy and their assets. This threat oblige the villiagers to migrate (Görentaş, "Türkiye'de Köyden Kente Göçün Siyasal Yansımaları", n.d. , pregnancy. 14). Another local dilemma is give or take a few command employment in whatsoever areas. A bitty majority of migrations are calculated from fewness of well-being and childhood facilities.

As sum as, migration is the large inhibition of Turkey which is furthermost crucial defence of unemployement, wrongdoing and diminution of business enterprise. Unfortunately, Turkey is impressively unpunctually to adjustment it's system sources to large commercial enterprise. Most celebrated net income sources of our administrative district are tourism and business enterprise. So, migration complex has to be investigated and resolved. During investigation, it is false to move a all way next to over-emphasing these three way.

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